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Art in Science - At his Metal-i-Genics Studio in Chicago, Gray captures the aesthetics of genetics, microbiology, and physics in bronze and steel sculptures. His goal is to create something that has both an aesthetic value as a sculpture and then also leads to further questioning by the viewer. “In science, you should always keep in mind that in what you're observing there is a true inherent beauty. I often felt provoked by the artistic qualities of the images I encountered in the lab,” Gray says. “Artists, scientists, and technologists look at structure and pattern in the universe, whether visible or invisible to the naked eye. His exhibitions explore how some of today's scientific fields of systems science, chaos, fractals, genetics, molecular science, plus nature itself, are used to create two - and three - dimensional art of provocative and sumptuous pattern. (Science Issues & Perspectives)

Gray's residency in Marseille, France and extensive travels in Asia bring additional influences to the artistic aspects of science into the realm of each person. Works depict key aspects of genetic structure, antibody action, or genographic migration. Gray received training at the Delaware Art Institute and a graphic design firm in New York City. He continued artistic development while conducting biomedical research with degrees from the University of Delaware, Northwestern University Medical School, and The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the M. D. Anderson Tumor Institute. Biomedical research focused on ribosomal structure and assembly and biochemical dysfunction in Huntington’s Disease. Gray also helped obtain approval for the first genetically engineered IGF (insulin-like growth factor) approved for human vaccine production, and developed chlorine dioxide generating polymeric films.

Metal-i-Genics Studio